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What is a Sale Leaseback?

Are you a business owner looking for a creative way to unlock the value of your commercial property? Consider a sale-leaseback arrangement. 

A property sale-leaseback is a financial arrangement in which a property owner sells a property and then immediately leases it back from the new owner. In this transaction, the seller of the property becomes the tenant, and the buyer becomes the landlord. The lease agreement typically includes terms such as rental payments, lease duration, and other relevant terms.

Benefits of a Sale Leaseback for Seller

  1. Capital Release

  2. Improved Liquidity

  3. Off-Balance Sheet Financing

  4. Operational Flexibility

  5. Tax Benefits

Benefits of a Sale Leaseback for Buyer

  1. Stable Income Stream

  2. Diversification of Real Estate Portfolio

  3. Potential Tax Benefits

  4. Asset Appreciation

  5. Long-Term Tenant Relationship

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